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Businessman offers free design of fireworks flyer
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RIPON – John Heida of Heida Computers is offering his services to help the City of Ripon.

He’s stepping up to provide and design the flyers requesting folks to make donations to pay for the Fourth of July fireworks show.

Heida agreed to do so, free of charge – at least to the City – with the flyer being placed in the utility bills that will go to an estimated 4,300 households.

 “All I’m asking in return is something about my donation (placed on the flyer) that’s little bit bigger than a 10-point font,” he said on Tuesday.

The Ripon City Council did approve his request, 4-0 (Vice Mayor Garry Krebbs was absent). The only sticking point was the advertising issue.

“It’s a policy decision for Council,” said City Attorney Tom Terpstra. “(But) we’ve done this in the past with the Farmers Market.”

He noted that the worse-case scenario would be for residents to see their bills stuffed with advertisements.

“We’ve already set precedent,” said Councilman Charlie Gay, who made the motion for approval.

He added: “This one is different because we can save the City money.”

 The initial plans called for the Fireworks Committee seeking the OK from Council to go-ahead on the flyer, which, based on design and the type of paper, could have run as high as $350.

“We were going to pay back the City on this expense,” said Councilman Dean Uecker, who also serves on the Fireworks Committee.

 Instead, Heida offered to do the job, but at a small cost.

“It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate (on the flyer),” he said.

This year’s fireworks show will return to Stouffer Field at Ripon High, thus, allowing for most folks in Ripon to enjoy the Independence Day event from the comforts of their home.

In recent years, the Mislin Sports Complex on the northeast corner of town had been home to the fireworks show.