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Council: City needs to abate weeds sooner
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The Manteca City Council has made it clear — when it comes to abating weeds what is good for the gander is good for the goose.
Before authorizing $65,000 to hire San Joaquin County Office of Education-based conservation crews to abate 22 city-owned parcels that are choked with weeds, the council on Tuesday directed staff to make sure weeds on municipal land are cleared of weeds earlier in the year during 2018.
“If we tell people they need to clear their weeds by April 1 or May 1, the city needs to do the same thing,” Councilman Richard Silverman said.
In some cases the city did abate weeds before the deadline that was shifted to April 1 this year due to increased weed growth triggered by heavy early spring rains. The site for the fifth fire station was cleared of weeds by April 1 marking the first time that parcel had been cleared by the deadline the city imposed on private property owners. A number of other city parcels were also abated.
The 22 parcels in question are segments of land that city crews don’t routinely maintain or are outside of a landscape maintenance district. The city basically lacks adequate staffing to do the work.
Great Valley Conservation Corps is being contracted for $57,684 to do the work. Given this is the first year of contracting all 22 properties out for abatement, staff opted to have an additional $7,316 in the event unforeseen expenditures arise.
The Great Valley Conservation Corps helps those between 18 and 25 years of age with academic instruction, employment opportunities, green job training, life skills and more.
The 22 properties and right of way areas that the city is having abated are as follows:
Button Avenue, west side row of Button Ave, approximately 3,300 feet.
North side row of Industrial Park Drive, approximately 1,725 feet in length, 20-35 feet in width.
2514 & 2518 McKinley Avenue, east side row approximately 900 feet in length by 11 feet in width.
 Northeast corner of South Main Street and East Atherton Drive, length varies by 8 to30 feet in width and is about 9,471 square feet.
2221 Daniels Street and 1115 Airport Way, both parcels approximately 16.5 acres
682 S. Main Street, entire parcel, approximately 8.07 acres.
2260 and 2268 West Yosemite Avenue, entire parcels, approximately 1.93 acres.
282, 284 Airport Way, entire parcels, approximately 4.51 acres
1212 Moffat Boulevard, entire parcel, approximately 1.73 acres.
Entire parcels, approximately 2.28 acres near Moffat and Spreckels.
580, 600 and 800 Moffat Boulevard,
220 Moffat Boulevard, portion of parcel approximately 0.34 acres.
1842 Daniels Street, entire parcel, approximately 10 acres
Cottage Avenue and Button Avenue,  entire landscape area between Button and Cottage
Louise Avenue and Highway 99, north side row of Louise, approximately .22 acres.
Collins Street, south side row of Collins St., approximately 930 feet in length by 8 feet in width
120 Legacy Street, entire parcel, approximately 0.15 acres.
Atherton Drive, median west of Airport Way approximately 1,055 feet in length by 11 feet in width
Moffat Boulevard, south side Row of Moffat approximately 4,190 feet in length by 3 feet in width
208 S. Main and 115 E. Wetmore St., portions of both parcels approximately 0.6 acres.
1673 E. Woodward Avenue, entire parcel of approximately 0.8 acres.
1749 E. Atherton, entire parcel of approximately 1.73 acres.

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