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Cops seek driver in hit-and-run of PG&E worker
Two PG&E service trucks are seen at their job site where they were inspecting an underground gas line on West Ripon Road Wednesday when a westbound motorist struck a utility worker and threw him through the air landing on his face in the street suffering facial, rib and possible internal injuries, police said. - photo by Photo courtesy of Ripon Police Department
A PG&E worker was seriously injured shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday when an eastbound motorist struck him as he worked on the side of West Ripon Road near Fredricks Road – to the west of Ripon.

Craig Candido, 43, was working with his crew on a gas line on the north side of the roadway when a motorist in a silver, 2004 to 2006 Volvo reportedly hit him throwing him to the pavement, the CHP said.  The victim was transported by ambulance to a Modesto trauma center for treatment.

Ripon Police Sergeant Steve Merchant was the first officer on the scene finding the injured man bleeding heavily from the face following the impact, having reportedly suffered extensive injuries.  He noted that one worker had been down in the access hole on the side of the road and Candido was standing near the street when the incident occurred.

Another PG&E crew, working on West Ripon Road closer to the city limits,  reported seeing a silver vehicle traveling westbound at a high rate of speed with its right wheels hugging the fog line on the edge of the roadway.

The vehicle – a sedan or a station wagon – was identified by its right side rearview mirror that was found in the roadway, according to investigating CHP officer Nick Berunelli.  He added that the vehicle will also have damage to its grill.  

Anyone seeing or knowing the location of the suspect vehicle is urged to call CHP’s Stockton office and speak with public affairs officer Angel Arcero at 943-8666.  South County Crime Stoppers is also offering a reward of up to $1,000 for identification of the vehicle and the suspect driver.  Those calling Crime Stoppers will remain anonymous.  The number is 823-4636.