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Couple cited for excessive panhandling in Manteca
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A young couple, familiar to Mantecans for panhandling together in shopping centers throughout the community, was cited by Manteca Police officers Sunday.

Sgt. Chris Mraz told the Stockton couple they had already been warned numerous times before giving them both citations for “excessive” panhandling.

Christopher Arsement, 31, and his companion Tonya Dieckmann, 28, were seen sitting on the curbing near In-N-Out Burger at about 6 p.m. Sunday both looking as “homeless” as possible – his arm around her in a protective manner as she laid her head face down against her arms and knees.

As he sat next to her, he would fix his gaze to the gutter next to them.

The two have been seen countless times at the Commerce Avenue location where motorists have continually made donations to the plea on their  cardboard sign and demonstrative body language that gave the impression they were desperately in need.

Arsement and Dieckmann have been seen repeatedly near the burger restaurant, next to the Target Department Store and on the curbing by the Costco store.  The couple is usually seen driving their Ford Aerostar van that is parked around the corner from where they are panhandling.

Past estimates suggested that the couple was making at least $150 a day by the number of cars that stopped with motorists handing them cash.