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Residential burglaries drop 17.65% during June
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It wasn’t supposed to happen in Manteca but it did – home robberies invasion style.

At the same time burglaries were on the upswing primarily in houses left abandoned in the foreclosure process as well as during the daytime when teens were supposed to be in school.

The Manteca Police Department became more aggressive by switching personnel around and reshuffling how it attacked crime. At the same time they also stepped up efforts to enlist the public’s help.

It also helped that the bottom fell out of the price of recycled materials such as copper.

A year later, the results are starting to pay dividends.

Residential burglaries were down 17.65 percent in June with 17 incidents compared to 14 in June 2008. Month-to-month vehicle thefts were down 34.48 percent from 39 to 29, grand theft were down 51.28 percent from 39 to 19, commercial burglaries dropped 60 percent from 10 to 4, and auto burglaries were down 10.81percent.

In a weekly report, Police Chief Dave Bricker noted, “ The Police Department attributes the reduction in crime to hard work and dedication of our officers, staff and volunteers, and the involvement of the citizens of Manteca. Programs like Neighborhood Watch and observant members of the community who are quick to recognize suspicious activity and notify the police have helped us to locate and arrest criminals.”

The first six months of 2009 – when compared to the same period in 2008 – had drops almost as big.

Felony crimes have dropped 15.6 percent in Manteca from January to June of this year. Burglaries were down 23.8 percent.

There were 1,348 Part One Crime reports – the most serious crimes as identified by the FBI – in the first six months of this year compared to 1,139 in the same time frame last year.

There was a drop off in seven of the 12 categories of felonies:

•Residential burglaries down 3.92 percent from 153 to 147.

•Auto burglary down 30 percent from 370 to 259.

•Commercial burglary down 24.71 percent from 85 to 64.

•Aggravated assault down 45.24 percent from 42 to 23.

•Grand theft down 35.52 percent from 163 to 110.

•Vehicle thefts down 5.88 percent from 170 to 160.

•Other burglaries down 60.75 percent from 16 to 5.

Three of the felony categories experienced an increase:

•Rape up 100 percent from 10 to 20.

•Robbery up 26.32 percent from 38 to 48.

•Arson up 25 percent from 4 to 5.

There was no change in the homicide rate or all other felonies.