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Four face expulsion over urine in teachers coffee
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Four Veritas Elementary School students are facing a suspension/expulsion hearing over their alleged prank of adding one student’s urine to their teacher’s coffee cup left in the classroom.

The incident occurred just prior to 3 p.m. Monday as students were getting ready to go home for the day, a school official said.

Manteca Police Public Information Officer Jason Hensley said that School Resource Officer Eva Steele had taken the report on the incident before it was turned over to the school district for further action.

Police and school authorities declined to name the teacher or the students involved.

The teacher had reportedly left the classroom just long enough for the 11-year-old students to carry out their plan before she returned.  When the teacher walked back into the room, she took a drink from her Styrofoam cup, immediately realizing it had been doctored.

The students were then sent to Principal Tracie Crawford’s office to explain their actions. The teacher was quoted as saying if she had known it would be on television and in the newspaper she wouldn’t have reported it.

Crawford said the students showed some remorse for their actions when she interviewed them after school let out.

The teacher reportedly received medical attention after drinking the doctored cup of coffee, but was reported to be okay Thursday afternoon.    

Veritas School is located in the 1600 block of Pagola Avenue, east of South Union Road and north of Woodward Avenue.