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Manteca Unified exploring possible network to plug parents into their kids education
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Ninth grade can be a challenging time for many high school students.

Trustee Rex Holiday of the Manteca Unified School District is finding that out first hand. His daughter, Taylor, is a freshman at Weston Ranch High.

There’s times when she’s usually wrapped up in homework until midnight.

As a parent, Rex Holiday can only do so much to help his youngster with math, for example.

“I may be educated but it’s been years since I did algebra,” he said at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

As the board representative of the southwest Stockton’s Weston Ranch area, Holiday is looking at the possibility of a parent education and networking program.

It’s his grass-root effort of pooling from the resources of his community, relying on parents and perhaps a few professionals to be part of the educational process.

“With all of the programs we have to improve student achievement and teaching effectiveness, we need to engage parents in the process of assisting in the improvement of the academic achievement of their children’s education,” said Holiday.

He resides in the area of MUSD where the majority of folks commute to work on a daily basis to jobs in the Bay Area. They often have a tough time making it to the parent-teacher conferences or the back-to-school functions.

In order to introduce this program, Holiday is hoping to bring forth a parent networking symposium. He discussed the plan with City of Stockton officials during a recent two-by-two session.

“The idea of the networking symposium will be to inform parents of the resources already available to them through their child’s school site and the district office,” Holiday said.

He has plans to involve businesses in being part of the process of throwing a dinner for road-weary Weston Ranch parents to further discuss his idea.

“I think the last thing they want to come home to is another meeting,” Holiday said.

The symposium, in turn, could inform parents of the resources already available at their child’s school site or the district office.

“We could (use it to) provide them with a review of some basic skills and opportunities for network with other parents,” he added.

His colleagues appeared OK with the plan just as long as it doesn’t provide a financial burden to the district.

“This could be a missing piece to the puzzle (in education),” Holiday said.

In addition, he believes his plan could apply to MUSD’s other comprehensive high schools.