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Parents happy with Title I efforts in Ripon Unified
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RIPON – As part of the Local Educational Agencies on improving basic programs under Title I, Ripon Unified recently provided an annual evaluation survey on the parent involvement policy.

Trustees at Monday’s special session at the district office heard the results of that survey involving parents of Ripon, Ripona and Weston elementary students.

Overall, the responses were positive.

“It was interesting to (read) about their concerns,” said Kathy Coleman, director of curriculum and categorical programs.

Title I is the federally funded program that assists children of low-income families meet the challenges of the state academic standards.

Most of the 59 parents who responded to the survey were of Ripon Elementary School.

“We sent (the survey) home with our Title I students,” Principal Mike Larson said.

A discussion involving communications was reportedly raised at the previous Parent Advisory Committee as to whether or not language was a barrier for some parents.

In that survey, they were asked: What are barriers to parental involvement? How can the school help to resolve those barriers?

Trustee Ernie Tyhurst noticed that 36 skipped the question. “People might not have understood (the question),” he said.

One person answered, “Online access to view student’s current grade, missing assignments, homework, projects due, etc, would be great.”

Another responded, saying: “The only barrier to parental involvement I see are the ones that parents put up themselves.”

One parent pointed that “communication is not to the standard that I would like it to be – communication with the teacher is good but I see a need for improvement from the administration.”

Some answered in Spanish and another mentioned the need for a translator for those who “don’t speak English.”

Meanwhile, more than half or 54 percent – another 36 percent answered “somewhat” – agreed that, as parents, they’re involved in the decision-making process at the schools in a meaningful way.

They also strongly believed – in this case, 74.1 percent – the opportunity was there getting involved in their student’s achievements.

Furthermore, 75.9 percent said that their needs were in met in providing support for student learning.

“It would be really great if the computer programs that the school used were made available for us to use at home,” said one parent. “We could log in through the school website and the Title I teacher could still track their progress.”

The complete survey is available by logging on to the Ripon Unified website,