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Rising STAR students enjoy copter landing
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Students at French Camp School had a chance to see up close a U.S. Army scout helicopter as part of Friday’s STAR testing celebration. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
FRENCH CAMP – Students at French Camp School came through with a boost in the Standardized Testing and Reporting results a year ago.

Students – in this case, the previous year’s second- through eighth-graders – helped the Manteca Unified site receiving federally-funded Title 1 improve significantly in the Academic Performance Index, going from 718 from the previous year to 757.

The 39-point spike in the API scores – 800 is the state target – was cause for celebration at French Camp.
On Friday, the celebration continued.

While the latest API is scheduled to be released by the state on Sept.15, Annie Cunial, program coordinator at French Camp School, noted that all indications point towards improved scores.

“We’ve looked at each of the grade levels – there’s more students proficient (in math and language arts),” she said.

The morning STAR rally was only part of the day’s activity. Capt. John Boynton and First Sgt. Ron Biggs hovered into campus that afternoon aboard their OH58 U.S. Army scout helicopter.

Students, in turn, yelled out: “Helicopter, helicopter, helicopter.”

Biggs, who is working with the school this year in his role as the Drug Demand Reduction personnel, encouraged students to make good choices. Included is continuing the road of education.

“In order to fly a helicopter you need to go to school,” he said.

Students also had a chance to see the helicopter up close.

Cunial said that efforts of the nearby National Guard unit will also tie into the upcoming Red Ribbon Week.

In each case, the message was clear to French Camp students: With good choices, you can achieve great things.