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Weston alumnus Jami Myers challenges students not to goof off in high school
Westn Grdtn DSC   one
The Weston Elementary School graduating class of 2014 filled the stage in the schools multi-purpose room. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Ripon High School graduating senior Tami Myers had a serious message to the graduating eighth graders who are going into high school four years after her graduation from Weston Elementary School.

“Don’t goof off in your first two years,” she stressed.  “It is important to your future success,” she said.

“Get involved and don’t be afraid to talk to teachers – they can be your best friends,” she advised them. 

Myers continued sounding like a seasoned speaker telling the some 60 students that she is beginning her college years at Modesto Junior College and plans to eventually walk into a high school classroom as an English teacher.  Jami is the daughter of Kristen and Adam Bouman of Ripon.

The coveted Trustee Awards went to Zachary Lewis Angel, Kayla Jacklich, Dylan Sexton, Makayla Marie Rodriguez, Sarah Inderbitzen, Trent Hawes and Brandan James Williams.  Citizenship awards were presented to Fernando Barajas and Ambria Schneringer by teachers Christine Merchant and Margaret Neeley. 

Students were given their diplomas by School District Trustee Mike Fisher.  It was something of a tag team graduation for as each student walked toward the trustee and the microphone was passed to the grad standing behind them in line.  Each of them in that order heard their personal profile and plans for the future read aloud as they officially graduated.

The initial welcome to the attending parents and friends came from student body President Kayla Jacklich followed by the class video entitled “Then and Now.”

The students sang the class song, “Best Day of my Life” and took note along with their parents of the class motto.

“If you can imagine it you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”