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Gun shots: From gang retaliation to damaging car & store windows
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There were more gun shots reported near midnight Saturday in what police suspect may be in retaliation for the drive-by shooting Friday afternoon in the 700 block of Pine Street that may be gang related.

Manteca Police officers responded to the 300 block of North Poplar Avenue near Alameda Street where they detained quite a few people. Officers said no one was cooperating.  They were all released.

Police spokesman Rex Osborn said officers found no bullet casing in the area. No one could give any information of a suspect vehicle seen in the area at the time of the gunfire.

On Friday shortly after 10 p.m. officers responded to calls that someone had been shooting out car and store windows with what was believed to be a pellet or BB gun.

Five parked cars with for sales signs in their windows parked at Joseph Road and North Main Street had their windows damaged.  

The stores that had their windows shot out included Jack in the Box, DeVega Brothers Restaurant, Prudential Insurance, Valino Pizza, State Farm Insurance, The Framery and for the second time Los Amigos Tires.  

Police believe all of the shooting activity took place within a five-minute period of time that it took to drive from Joseph Road on the north down to South Main Street.

On Monday at about 8 p.m. Manteca officers responded to Sapphire Way where neighbors reported hearing four to five reports of gunfire.  Officers arrived on the scene within minutes and were able to find nothing.

It was Friday afternoon when two men walking home in the 700 block of Pine Street attempted to outrun a gunman – a passenger in a ‘90s Honda Civic who fired at them with a shotgun.  One 21-year-old suffered a pellet wound to an upper ear and his 20-year-old friend was able to make it behind a pickup truck parked in his driveway that he used for cover.

Patterns from the two shotgun blasts were found on the front and on a side wall of two houses on the north and south sides of the street.