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Honoring those who have served our country

Editor’s note: Today, The Manteca Bulletin is proud to present Serving America – a collection of stories submitted by readers honoring those who have served our country. The following is a sample of what you will find in the pages of Serving America.

I served during World War II as an Infantry Scout with the 1st Battalion of the 387th Infantry in Europe. We crossed the Rhine River and across Germany. When hostilities ended we were in Czechoslovakia. As a result a member of my unit was credited for firing the last shot in the European Theater of Operations. Soon after VE (Victory in Europe) Day we were redeployed to the Pacific Theater just as the Japan surrendered. We were part of the first troops into the country.

I took these pictures of General MacArthur (as well as myself) in front of his car in June 1946 at his Headquarters in Tokyo.