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Lathrop cuts water use 37% during June
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Lathrop cut its water usage by 37 percent in July over numbers reported to the State of California from the same month in 2013.

And the following month – when the scorching Central Valley heat unloaded on residents with the first hot streak of continuous days in triple digits? They managed to post a 34 percent reduction.

At a time when California cities are scrambling to save every gallon of water possible and the state’s water crisis reaches scary proportions, the numbers that each city report to the State of California monthly have become the litmus test for measuring how successful conservation efforts – some of which are self-imposed and some of which are mandated by the state – are playing out among the populace.

The numbers are more than favorable.

In the month of May the city received 24 complaints from residents about neighbors who were not adhering to the watering schedule – first-time complaints – and one complaint of a repeat violator. The city issued 25 written warnings that month and the amount dropped down to only 21 in June – a month when the City removed a day that residents could use for outdoor irrigation, further restricted outdoor irrigation times, instituted new prohibitions on specific water use types and increased penalties for water waste.

In June Lathrop also launched an initiative for increased leak detection and repair actions – continuing with the program of making water conservation kits available to any resident who would like to pick one up, as well as distributing guides that give helpful water conservation tips, leak detection methods and instructions on how to properly read a city water meter.

Manteca also cut is water used by 37 percent in June. Manteca was mandated by the state to reduce water consumption by 32 percent over 2013 levels.

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