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Lathrop High frosh get linked to school
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Members of the Lathrop High Class of 2020 met for the very first time Tuesday in the large gymnasium.
This is also where they’re hoping to be some four years down the road for graduation.
In order to get there, about half of the registered 350 students who took part in freshmen orientation picked up tidbits of sound advice delivered by the school’s Athletic Director / Vice Principal Nicole Burrows.
“The key to (succeeding in) high school is to know who to follow and who not to follow,” she said, speaking on behalf of Link Crew.
She added: “When you come to a new school, it’s important to know (the person) that you associate yourself with.”
Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen to their new environment.
Seniors Imani Williams and Lanishia Parker remembered their freshmen orientation. They’re both Link Crew leaders.
“(Link Crew leaders) have been where you are and now they’re giving back,” said Burrows to the group of youngsters.
All told, Link Crew advisor Irene Munguia has 40 such leaders in the program. They spent a few days at school late last week training for this occasion.
Each will also as mentors to the newcomers for the entire year, providing support and guidance, both academically and socially.
For freshmen, the journey to high school began in an assembly-type setting.
They soon mixed it up with otherwise strangers from the feeder schools while taking part in icebreaking activities, breaking into smaller groups and taking a tour of the campus.
“They also showed (the freshmen) some of the unwritten rules of being a Spartan,” said Munguia.
She and Burrows have been at Lathrop High since its opening in 2008.
“It’s important to get involved,” Munguia said. “School goes by so fast – our seniors (in Link Crew) are finding that out.”