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Cancelled election saves Ripon $31,000
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There will be no Ripon City Council election this year.

Elected leaders on Tuesday unanimously agreed to appoint incumbents Michael Restuccia and Dean Uecker during the special session.

Both went unchallenged during the nomination period that ended on Aug. 10. Because of that, Council was able to officially appoint Restuccia and Uecker — in doing so, City Clerk Lisa Roos is no longer in a position to accept filing statement of a write-in candidate.

“I’m thrilled,” said Uecker on being appointed to serve another four years. “We also saved the City $31,000.”

That would’ve been the cost for Ripon to consolidate the City Council election with that of San Joaquin County on Nov. 6.

Council’s other option was going forward with the election because only one person per office was nominated, leaving the door open for a write-in candidate.

Restuccia indicated that the council, as whole, may have been a reason that no other challenger stepped up.

“We’re a team,” he said. “We might not necessarily agree all the time but we do get along.”

Restuccia, who is currently serving as mayor, pointed out at the City’s positive financial situation coupled with strong staffing, and improvements to the streets and roads as the part of that team effort.

He and Uecker are looking forward to the next four years.

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