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Odds of ticket for speeding 83% lower than in 2009

Your chances of getting a moving violation ticket in Manteca for everything from speeding to running a stop sign today is roughly 83 percent lower than what it was in 2009.

That’s based on mid-year Manteca Police Department statistics that show through June 30 of this year officers have issued 518 moving violation tickets. Compare that to the first six months of 2009 when 3,170 such tickets were issued.

Using a population to tickets ratio that includes all residents and not just drivers there was a 1 in 32.1 chance of getting a ticket in 2009 when Manteca had a population of 66,000  compared to 1 in 157.2 with a population today of 81,450

You are a bit less likely to be in an auto accident that merits a police response. There were 454 accidents in the first half of this year as opposed to 351 in the first months of 2009. That translates into a 1 in 179.3 chance of being in an accident on the streets of Manteca as compared to 1 in 188 in 2009

Crime was up in Manteca for the second straight year at the half-way point of 2018. The actual number of crimes reported this year as of June 30 is down compared to the 2009 level at the same point.

There have been 1,060 felonies ranging from armed robbery and residential burglary to aggravated assault to vehicle theft plus 1,557 misdemeanors. That compares to 945 felonies and 1,351 misdemeanors for the first half of 2017.

Back when Manteca had 66,000 residents in 2009 compared to 81,450 today, there were 1,139 felonies and 1,875 misdemeanors — both still record numbers — for the first six months of the year.

The drop in actual crime numbers along with the population gain means your chances of being a crime victim continues to drop each year in Manteca despite the two back-to-back years of a jump in actual crimes. Today you have a 1 in 76.8 chance of being a victim of a felony. That compares to a 1 in 57.9 chance in 2009.

There were no homicides in the first six months this year as compared to three in the same period in 2017. Also down are residential burglaries by 11.11 percent going from 90 to 80 and auto burglary going5.84 percent going from 257 to 242.

Grand theft is up 21.13 percent going from 156 to 176. Also up are robberies 20 percent going from 50 to 60, commercial burglary 68.52 percent going from 54 to 91, arson 28.57 percent going from 7 to 9, aggravated assault 14 percent going from50 to 57, and vehicle theft 12.82 percent going from 156 to 176.

Misdemeanor thefts were up 15.14 percent going from 370 to 426.


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