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Manteca adding 2,400+ mini- storage units
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More than 2,400 more mini-storage units — as well as a 532-space RV storage project —  have been approved to be built in Manteca.

The one most likely to get underway first is the new U-Haul storage center.

That’s because it involves remodeling an existing 107,00-square-foot building — the former Kmart on Northgate Drive.

It is in addition to U-Haul’s storage and regional truck service center on South Main Street at the 120 Bypass.

The Manteca Planning Commission earlier this month approved plans for U-Haul conversion of the former Kmart for 752 personal storage units of various square footages that will be built inside the existing building.

There will also be 58 storage units of 100 square feet each installed throughout the parking lot.

The other storage projects that have been approved are:

*The Tesoro Boat and RV Storage project that will accommodate 532 recreational vehicles on a 13.68-acre triangle parcel bordering the north side of Woodward Avenue and located between Atherton Drive and Moffat Boulevard.

*A 393-unit mini-storage complex at 183 South Austin Road.

*An 844-unit storage facility at 2430 West Atherton Drive west of Airport Way. When completed it will be the largest storage facility in Manteca.

*An expansion of Arco Storage to the north on former Caltrans land that was abandoned when the northbound flyover ramp to Highway 99 was closed and removed

*A small facility approved on the west side of South Main Street south of Wetmore Street.

When the new projects are Manteca will have 11 storage facilities.



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