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Sierra High grad’s eyelash startup is multi-million dollar success in 14 months
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Sierra High alumna Ann McFerran, founder of Glamnetic.

Ann McFerran has put her various talents to good use.

The 2011 Sierra High graduate founded a multimillion-dollar startup that rakes in seven figures in monthly revenue. Now 26 years old, McFerran and her eyelash brand, Glamnetic, are featured in a Q&A article published by Forbes last week.

The native of Bangkok, Thailand enrolled at UCLA for its pre-med program, studied psychobiology and earned a Bachelor of Science. An artist at heart, she enjoyed success as a painter before delving into the beauty industry as an entrepreneur.

Her creative mind and science background, it turns out, helped in developing magnetic eyelashes. The company launched as a one-woman operation in July 2019 and continues to ascend despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I eventually pushed myself to make a change and realized I wanted to launch an e-commerce beauty business, because I was so passionate about it,” McFerran said in her interview with ForbesWomen Senior Contributor Karin Eldor.

“I was fortunate enough to have met a lot of people in L.A. who launched really successful e-commerce brands, and felt I had the intuition to do it. I just needed an internal push.”

A longtime user of false lashes, McFerran discovered a gap in the market for easy-to-use and reusable magnetic lashes. Although she did not invent magnetic lashes, she sought to improve them and did so by developing a magnetic liner that holds in the lashes in place.

Developing business acumen proved to be the biggest challenge, as she had no prior experience with running a company, product development and marketing. McFerran credits Google and YouTube for her crash course in entrepreneurship. She uses social media platforms to help attract new customers while staying connected with current ones.

The Forbes article notes that Glamnetic “has sold over 500,000 lashes since launching and is the fastest growing lash brand in North America.” McFerran aims to expand the company’s offerings, which it already has begun to do with press-on nails.

“My ultimate vision for the brand is to be able to provide intuitive yet innovative beauty solutions or everyday life hacks for everyday girls, and we’re going into different niches and categories,” she said. “We’re definitely pursuing that in full force for the rest of the year and in 2021.”