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Manteca honors workers
Event recognizes effort, years of service
Congratulating Manteca Fire Captain Marvin Mears on his 5-year pin are, from left, council members Steve DeBrum, Mayor Willie Weatherford, John Harris, Vince Hernandez, and City Manager Steve Pinkerton. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Two municipal workers with four decades of tireless behind-the-scene efforts at serving citizens were selected Saturday as the 2010 Co-Employees of the Year for the City of Manteca.

The two are Acting Building Maintenance Superintendent Dave Frank and administrative services staff member Mae Hamm.

The honors were presented during the City of Manteca’s employee service awards and family picnic conducted Saturday at Lincoln Park.

Frank was hired in 1988 as a temporary maintenance worker, before going to work two months later as a full-time refuse worker. Supervisors have used the terms “hard working and dependable – a valuable asset – can always be counted on to work overtime – an inspiration to the crew.”

For nearly a year, Frank also worked as a reserve firefighter. He was moved to the Building Maintenance Division that was started in 1990.

Hamm was hired as a clerk typist in 1981, and has demonstrated proven skills to move up through the ranks.  

She deals with virtually every municipal employee and is considered the Public Employment Retirement System “go-to person.”

Receiving service pins Saturday were:

• Administration Department: 5 Year Pin, Pennie Arounsack, Sophal Ros; 10 Year Pin, Jeffrey Wood; 20 Year Pin, Lisa Oliva

• Administrative Services: 5 Year Pin, Joe Kriskovich

• Finance Department: 5 Year Pin, Cynthia Hatasway, Jeri Tejada; 15 Year Pin, Annette Livingston; 25 Year Pin, Jeff Koester

• Fire Department: 5 Year Pin, Jeffery Dennis, Sterrie McLeod, Marvin Mears; 10 Year Pin, Michael Hohn, Keith Scott, Robert Martinez; 15 Year Pin, Debbie Williams; 20 Year Pin, Derek George, Steven Santos; 25 Year Pin, Jeffery Barr, Randy May

• Parks & Recreation Department: 5 Year Pin, Hubert Brady, Jose Hernandez, Michael McCole; 10 Year Pin, Jason Holzer, Darrell Slagle; 15 Year Pin, John Boore; 20 Year Pin, Patrick Volk; 25 Year Pin, Joe Volk

• Police Department: 5 Year Pin, Robert Armosino, David Bright, Armando Garcia, Dale Goforth, Lisa Lewis, William Mueller, Lillian Ramirez, Crystal Vincent-Thomas; 10 Year Pin, Greg Beall, Paul Carmona, Daniel Chestnut, Patrick Danipour, David Jones, Eva Steele, Kim Vazquez; 15 Year Pin, Gregory Baird, James Chiek, George Crowley, Charles Goeken; 20 Year Pin, Julie Renfroe; 25 Year Pin, David Bricker; 30 Year Pin, Greg Lassell

• Public Works Department: 5 Year Pin, Brian Davis, Eric Davis, Regina DeCosta, Jason DeGroot, Jennifer Greenwood, Edward Nicolay, Thomas Reichmuth, Clint Thomson, Paul Sipes; 10 Year Pin, Filberto Ochoa, Jason Wallace; 15 Year Pin, John Adams, Dennis Dallas, Charles Moore; 25 Year Pin, David Kuesthardt, Tim Kuesthardt

Employees hired during the 2009-10 fiscal year were: Ryan Bain, Fire Department; Tamara Connor, Finance Department; Scott Cunningham, Police Department; Jeff Davis, Administration/IT Division; Kyle Dodd, P/W Water Quality Control Facility; Wayne Eastman, CDD/Building & Safety Division; John Eggers, P/W Vehicle Maintenance Division; Jodi Friggle, Finance Department; Marci Jones, Police Department; Raj Kaur, Finance Department; Dawn Lichti, Administrative Services Department; Michael Loomis, Fire Department; John Luthey Jr., PW/Waste Water Treatment Division; Tom Mannor P/W Water Quality Control Facility; Bernard Missouri, Finance Department; Manuel Molina, P/W Water Quality Control Facility; Monica Quarle, Finance Department; Shannon Sandoval-Brewer, Community Development; and Amber Shipman, Finance Department.

Employees who retired during the 2000-10 fiscal year are Mike Anderson, Parks & Rec Department; Kathy Austin, PW/ Wastewater Treatment Division; Marilyn Bates, Public Works Department; Mary Bingham, Finance Department; Kathy Bond, Parks & Rec Department; John Boore, Parks & Rec Department; Andrea Contreras, Police Department; Cathy Cortez, Parks & Rec Department; Joe DeAngelis, Police Department; Clei DeFreitas, Police Department; Grant Flory, Police Department; Rudy Fowler, Police Department; Sam Gallego, Police Department; Robert Gore, PW Solid Waste Division; George Ground, Public Works Department; Chris Haas, Fire Department; Diane Head, Finance Department; Joe Higginbotham, Public Works Department; Steve Houx, Parks & Rec Department; Larry Johnson, Parks & Rec Department; Craig Kysilka, Parks & Rec Department; Blaise Kuhl, CDD/ Building & Safety Division; Greg Lassell, Police Department; Fran Maita, Administrative Services Department; Chris Moore, Administration Department; Robert Moore, PW/ Wastewater Treatment Division; Steve Probst, PW/ Building Maintenance Division; Frances Ramos, Finance Department; Wendell Rakstraw PW/ Vehicle Maintenance Division; Dennis Reis, PW/ Streets Division; Gil Romena, Parks & Rec Department; Ken Rucker, Community Development Department; Cindy Schick, PD/ Animal Control Division; Thomas Stewart, Parks & Rec Department; and Randy Sutton, Fire Department.