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Matt Long tells Rotarians how to care for trees
Grover RotaryDSC 3894
Ripon Rotary Club President Brett Nixon listens intently to arborist Matt Long on caring for trees in Ripon and what trees have a better chance to survive in times of drought. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

The art of landscaping and the care of trees in and around Ripon was the focus of Rotary Club’s guest speaker arborist Matt Long from Grover Landscaping Services.
Long was brought to the weekly meeting of the service club meeting at Spring Creek Golf and Country Club by past President John Mangelos bringing definite interest from members representing a variety of business and professional entities in the community.
Long explained that he is involved with a complete range of tree care such as structural trimming, canopy reduction, canopy thinning and elevations. The firm specialize in residential, commercial and municipal tree care including the thinning for palm trees.
The Grover firm owns and operates a large spade that is capable of moving large trees with trunks having up to 12 inch diameters and reaching some 25 feet into the air.  The spade is said to be an economical way to relocate valuable trees as they are moved and relocated miles away from their original locations. 
Long used a Power Point presentation to show Rotarians trees suffering from various diseases and bugs that ultimately may shorten the lives of a variety of trees.  He noted that watering procedures are often a detriment to the trees he observes.  Often the bubbler watering system finds it being placed six inches from the trunk and after the trunk grows it often ends up within the tree bark due to expansion.
He suggested a system that circles the trunks and expands away from the tree.
Grover landscaping began operation in 1970 as a lawn care business — mowing and edging residential residences on a monthly basis.  It evolved over the years to employ some 70 employees within five divisions having created one of northern California’s top landscape services with clientele in Ripon, Manteca and other parts of the Central Valley. 
Long said he too often sees trees that have been chopped rather than properly trimmed for the best health and future life of those trees.
A number of Rotarians remained after the meeting to ask the arborist more questions involving heir homes and their businesses following a series of questions during his presentation.

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