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Missing cash making its way back
Oregon online purse buyer finds Manteca womens money
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Manteca resident Betty Radcliffe, who is a newsletter editor for the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency publication “The Volunteer Spirit,” had $240 in cash missing. The money was discovered by a woman in Tigard, Ore., who purchased the purse once owned by Radcliffe online. The money along with some of personal information was discovered in a compartment inside the purse, and will soon be returned to Radcliffe, who is sending a gift to the Oregon woman to express her gratitude. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
For the past six months, Betty Radcliffe couldn’t figure out what became of her cash.

Specifically, she had about $240 for personal use missing.

“I looked everywhere for it,” Radcliffe said on Friday. “It drove me crazy.”

Last week, she received a call from George Hicks of the Tigard Police Department. Her money was found in a purse that once belonged to her. Included was some of Radcliffe’s personal information inside one of the compartments of the purse – along with the cash – that was purchased online by Katherine Virgilio.

Radcliffe was relieved, expressing her thanks by sending Virgilio a nicely packaged gift containing a teapot.
She reported the money missing. She will be able to pick up the cash in the next few days at the Manteca Police Department.

Last October, Radcliffe paid a visit to her granddaughter, Erica Wilhite, in Fayetteville, Ark. The latter is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Fine Arts and Theater. Wilhite’s husband, Rodney, is there working on his masters at the University of Arkansas.

During her two-week stay, Radcliffe purchased a black purse at the local JC Penney’s retail store.

A month later, she transferred all her contents from her old purse  into her new one.

Radcliffe wasn’t too fond of her new purse. In December, she returned the purse to the Manteca store, cleaning out everything.

Or so she thought.

On Easter Sunday, Radcliffe notified Virgilio to personally thank the Tigard resident.

“I could miss money. But what Katherine did is something I’ll never forget,” Radcliffe said

Radcliffe has lived in Manteca since 2006. She’s originally from Castro Valley.

When her husband, David, died in 1989, she sold their home some four years later, relocating to Riverbank.

About four years ago, Radcliffe moved to Manteca to be closer to her daughter, Sharon Schmidt and her husband Jim.

“They live about three or four minutes away (from my Union Street apartment),” she said.

Since 1994, the eighty-something-year-old Radcliffe volunteers her time for the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency in Modesto.

“I have 6,500 hours of volunteer service,” she proudly said.