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Mistlin Parks water feature on for the summer
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Area youngsters are thrilled once again to be cooling off at Mistlin Sports Parks interactive water features. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT / The Bulletin

David Eddy enjoys the jets of water streaming from the interactive water feature at the Mistlin Sports Park.
The 10-year-old Ripon youngster and James Burks, 9, spent some of Wednesday afternoon hovering over the main thruster. “I like it when it sprays you straight in the face,” said Eddy.
Burks prefers the smaller streams, using his hands to chop at the shooting waters from the fountain.
They were among the many who found time to cool off and splash around in this featured amenity of the City of Ripon.
The fountain was recently turned on again for summer fun despite the drought.
“I understand why it was off,” said Brooke Rangel-Legris. “But having the fountain back on is worth it.
“This is something for the community to do and enjoy.”
Mostly, it’s about the memories, in particular, for her and 4-year-old son Gary to savor.
They were joined by Rangel-Legris’ sister-in-law January and her son 3-year-old Samuel. The two smaller boys played around alongside the smaller spurts of water on the outer realm of the fountain.
The city-owned and operated interactive water feature is scheduled to be opened Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. throughout the summer.
But once classes resume in August, the fountain will be open twice a week, Saturday and Sunday, through Nov. 1.
The water features will be closed for the season after that.
The Ripon City Council recently voted to turn the fountain, which had remained dried for about year, back on despite the mandatory water conservation measures. Included was a part that prohibited the use of water in fountains or other decorative water feature except those that “support aquatic life.”
Rangel-Legris was pleased that elected leaders decided to reverse their earlier decision.
“It’s great to come out here, sit back in a chair, relax and watch the kids play,” she said.
The City, meanwhile, continued to its part for the water conservation efforts, reducing slightly over 30 percent for June based on numbers from the same span in 2013.

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