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Celebrities react to nominations
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Stars react to the Golden Globe nominations announced Thursday in Beverly Hills, California:
 “I jumped so high for Ava, I think I’ve shattered my kneecap.” — “Selma” star David Oyelowo, nominated for best actor in a drama, on celebrating director Ava DuVernay’s nomination.
 “I have nothing more eventful planned than a nap.” u Ricky Gervais, nominated for TV actor in a comedy series, on how he plans to celebrate.
 “Now can someone please explain who this ‘Meryl Streep’ woman is?!” u Emma Stone, nominated for supporting actress for “Birdman.”
 “I’ll probably go back to sleep. I might be having a mimosa with breakfast. I know I’ll be having a mimosa with breakfast.” — Actress Michelle Monaghan from Australia, where a 3 a.m. call woke her with the news she’d been nominated for her supporting role in “True Detective.”u “It’s really cool. For lack of a better phrase this morning, that is what it is.” — Jake Gyllenhaal on his best actor nod for “Nightcrawler.”
 “We may order a pizza tonight. That might be our party.” — Steve Carell on how he’ll celebrate his nomination for dramatic actor in “Foxcatcher.”
 “I was staring straight at the ceiling when I got a text from my manager — it had to be 5:30 a.m. in LA — saying, ‘Yaaaaay.’” — Jeffrey Tambor on how he learned of his acting nomination for the TV series “Transparent.”
 “I’m trying to finish all my Christmas shopping in a day, and now I got this phone call. I’m about to have a few mulled wines to celebrate.” u Actor Eddie Redmayne, speaking from London about his best actor nomination for playing Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”
 “It’s crazy. It’s crazy — eyes.” — Actress Uzo Aduba, nominated for supporting actress for playing Crazy Eyes on “Orange is the New Black.”
 “He’s going to be drinking coffee out of a Champagne flute.” — Chris Miller, co-director of animated film nominee “The Lego Movie,” on how co-director Phil Lord will celebrate the nod.
“Not a bad way to start a Thursday.” — Actor Colin Hanks on his supporting actor nomination for “Fargo.”
“I love Champagne!” u Composer Alexandre Desplat, nominated for his score for “The Imitation Game.”
 “I’m working on a film called ‘A Monster Calls’ in Barcelona, Spain. We’re just in the middle of putting a bald cap and some eyebrows on me as we speak. I just got the news.” — Actress Felicity Jones, nominated for actress in a drama for “The Theory of Everything.”
 “Whatever was in the fridge we just kind of opened and drank.” — Pawel Pawlikowski, who was teaching a class in film school when his students told him his film “Ida” was nominated in the foreign language category.
 “I’m preparing to sing in the Vatican Christmas concert that’s televised in Italy. I’ll be rehearsing with the Vatican orchestra. That’s how I’ll be celebrating.” — Singer-songwriter Patti Smith on her first movie song and first nomination for “Mercy Is” from “Noah.”
 “I bet imbibing a bit of alcohol might be something we participate in.” — Travis Knight, executive producer of animated film nominee “The Boxtrolls.