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Neighbor credited with putting out apartment kitchen fire
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Aaron Murillo had just gotten home to his Meadowlark Court apartment near the Manteca Boys and Girls Club about 6 p.m. Tuesday when he heard screams from a woman on the second floor that her kitchen was on fire.

Sara De LaCruz was with Murillo when her 14-year-old son Carlos said he could hear the whining of a smoke alarm.  As her friend rushed up the stairs, she said she could see the glow of the flames coming from the range through the window.

De LaCruz said the woman was hysterical when Murillo, 32, reached the apartment decking to see if anyone was injured.  He ran back down the stairs and grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames while  the fire department was enroute.

Fire Captain Franco Torrice lauded Murillo for his quick action saying if the fire had continued to burn unchecked that it would have caused serious damage to the apartment.

De LaCruz said her neighbor was a single mother with two children about 2 and 8.  She said she panicked when she couldn’t find her 2-year-old who had run into the bedroom to hide.

Firemen spent some 30 minutes in cleaning up and blowing the smoke out of the apartment.  Murillo was back on the street Wednesday looking for a job.  De LaCruz chuckled as she said he now might be able to add part-time fireman to his resume.