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Ripon starts water saving rules in June
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Starting in June, the City of Ripon will begin water conservation measures.

On Tuesday, the Ripon City Council approved the resolution that complies with Gov. Jerry Brown calling for “every city, every community, every Californian to conserve water in every way possible.”

He’s hoping to see Californians reduce their water usage by 20 percent.

Ripon will do its part by adopting mandatory measures in effect from June 1 through Oct. 1 unless extended by Council.

“The ground water we use is not affected by the current drought,” Public Works Director Ted Johnston said. “But there’s always that potential for a water shortage in the long run.”

Under the resolution, residents will be required to use water hoses equipped with a shut-off valve or nozzle when washing off their vehicles, sidewalks and driveways.

They’re prohibited from doing any type of watering from noon to 6 p.m.

No watering will be allowed on Mondays.

Residents with an even numbered home address would be allowed to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Those with odd numbered addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Johnston indicated that two warnings will be issued before any penalties are assessed.

Fines include first-time violators (after the two warnings) paying $25 if cited within that first year.

Second-time violators during that same one-year stretch would pay $50.

Third-time violators with that one-year period will be fined $100. After that, the cost jumps up to $200 to those who continue failing to comply with the ordinance.

Public works will be in charge of handling complaints. They’ll also post door signs indicating the violation to water wasters.

For more information, call Ripon City Hall at 209.599.2108.