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SSJID must spend $30K on redundant state requirement for urban water management plan
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Manteca, Lathrop, and Tracy all comply with the state mandate to have urban water management plans in place.

Such a plan addresses and implements “best management practices” developed by state water authorities including not allowing gutter flooding and other water conservation practices.

All three cities have well water in addition to securing treated surface water from the Nick DeGroot Water Treatment Plant operated by the South San Joaquin Irrigation District. They are the only users of water treated at the SJID operation so therefore all water that flows through the plant is used exclusively by jurisdictions already complying with the state water management plan mandate.

However, that is not enough for the state.

The SSJID board must now spend $30,000 to develop its own urban water management plan that will be conducted in conjunction with the three cities.

It is because of a new law (Senate Bill X 7-7) passed in November 2009 that requires water wholesalers to have such plans in place as well as water retailers. No exemptions are allowed in cases where the wholesaler exclusively provides water to agencies that already have such plans in place.

The SSJID already has an overall water conservation plan in place. That has allowed it to provide 100 percent deliveries despite three years of drought plus have enough water to sell to other agencies that were in dire shape in terms of water supplies.

The SSJID board when they meet Tuesday at 9 a.m. will consider spending $30,000 with Provost  & Richard to develop the water management plan. They were the lowest of three proposals including one that went as high s $74,000.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda is a proposal to put in place an aggressive three-year agricultural water conservation program that will have the district sharing costs with individual farmers who opt to implement ways to aggressive reduce water waste and consumption.

The board meets at the district office at 11011 East Highway 120.