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San Diego man fatally shoots pit bull, owner cited
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SAN DIEGO (AP) — Authorities say a man who fatally shot a pit bull in a San Diego front yard is not expected to face charges, but the dog's owner was cited.

Twenty-four-year-old Navy diver Lee Pattison tells U-T San Diego Tuesday that the dog broke loose, crossed the street and attacked his husky. Pattison says he punched the dog and it bit his thigh. He says he grabbed his shotgun, hit the dog with the butt and when that left the animal unfazed, he shot and killed it.

Pattison says the pit bull has attacked his dog before, and he'd warned the owner he would shoot it.

Police say he had the gun legally and charges are unlikely.

The U-T says the dog's owner was cited for failing to keep it leashed.