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State news briefs
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TRANSGENDER WOMAN SUES OVER STUN GUN USE: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A transgender woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management of excessive force after a Taser was fired at her groin.

U-T San Diego reports Brooke Fantelli said Monday the ranger involved in the incident was polite until learning of Fantelli's gender change.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Fantelli accuses Ranger J. Peters of excessive force in an October 2011 incident in the Imperial County desert.

Fantelli and a group of people were on a photo shoot when the ranger approached and requested identification. Fantelli's license still listed her as a man, and after Peters saw it, she claims he became rude and stunned her twice.

Agency spokesman Stephen Razy says the lawsuit's being reviewed.

LA SCHOOL BOARD TO MULL HOLDING FULL ACADEMIC YEAR: LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Unified schools superintendent plans to ask the board of education to rescind 10 furlough days and restore the district's 180-day academic year.

The school board is set to consider Superintendent John Deasy's request at its meeting Tuesday.

Deasy says in a statement that voters' approval of Proposition 30 staved off a $255 million funding cut, allowing the nation's second-largest district to fulfill the state-mandated instructional calendar.

The initiative called for a quarter-cent sales tax hike and higher income taxes on the wealthy to fund public education.

Warren Fletcher, president of teachers union United Teachers Los Angeles, hails the move in a statement and notes it would be the district's first full school year since 2008.

CAL STATE STUDENTS WANT FEE HIKES TO BE POSTPONED: LOS ANGELES (AP) — A group of California State University students say they plan to ask the board of trustees to postpone a set of proposed tuition hikes while the effect of the increases is further studied.

Natalie Dorado of Students for a Quality Education told reporters in a conference call Monday that increasing fees would hinder students from graduating faster.

The university announced last week it would ask trustees at its meeting Tuesday to approve higher fees for students who already have enough credits to graduate, take more than a fulltime load, and those who repeat courses. The goal is to push students to graduate faster and free class space.

But students say the fee boosts would punish students who may have to quit a class because of job pressures or switch majors.

LOS ANGELES COUNCIL ENDORSES MEATLESS MONDAYS: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Healthier eating advocates have persuaded Los Angeles leaders to endorse meatless Mondays.

The City Council that had earlier declared war on trans-fats and fast-food restaurants voted 14-0 on Friday to adopt a resolution urging residents to pledge they won't eat meat the first day of the week.

The Los Angeles Daily Newssays it doesn't make Monday meat consumption illegal and police won't be checking what you brought to work for lunch.

The resolution is simply designed to make residents healthier and reduce the impact on the environment.

In April 2010, San Francisco leaders approved a no-meat Monday measure.

CALIFORNIA HIT BY COLD SNAP IN WAKE OF HEAT WAVE: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Californians are shivering through chilly weather just a week after they sweltered in a heat wave — and more heat's coming.

Freeze warnings were issued through 9 a.m. Monday for many Southern California areas and the National Weather Service says there could be more frosty weather Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

On Sunday, record low temperatures were set at several places, including Paso Robles, Camarillo, Alpine and Vista. Lows hit the 20s and 30s in many places.

Several Southern California ski resorts are opening with either natural or artificial snow.

However, more heat's on the way. Forecasters say gusty winds are building already in the mountains and temperatures could be above normal on Tuesday and Wednesday. Los Angeles will see a high of 81 those two days.