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Stouffer Field step closer to new bleachers
RUSD considers Lodi firm to conduct ground study
pic RHS bleachers copy
The bleachers at Ripon Highs Stouffer Field have been in need of replacement for some time. - photo by Contributed

The ground studies necessary to pave the way for new bleachers at the Ripon High stadium could soon be starting up.
Trustees are scheduled to approve the geotechnical engineering proposal and geological hazard reports from Terracon Consultants, Inc. of Lodi at Monday’s Ripon Unified school board session.
This would take place during the 7 p.m. open session in the City of Ripon Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave.
Terracon is looking towards putting together a study for the purpose of installing pre-manufactured bleachers coupled with new concrete for an ADA access ramp and concrete pavement under the stadium.
According to the project description, the grading will be minor based on the topography being “less than 2 feet in vertical extent.”
Ground samples to determine the physical engineering characteristics of the project. But in order to do so, Terracon must first acquire a drilling permit as required by the San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department.
The Stouffer Field bleachers were deemed unsafe to the point that the Ripon Community Athletic Foundation described the stadium seats as “dilapidated” and “condemnable.”
Along with the bleachers, this grass-roots group is working towards new restrooms for the sports facility.
RCAF estimated the total cost of these projects at $1.5 million, getting some support from the district with $250,000 in one-time funds.
Terracon, meanwhile, would bill RUSD $7,200 for the geological exploration and report – included here are two geological borings, drilling permit, and liquefaction analysis, to name a few – and $1,400 for the geological hazard report.