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Taking the farm to Great Valley students
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The old West chuck wagon is a signature attraction at most Farm Days.
Staff reporter of the
Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin
WESTON RANCH – Noah Vieira can’t always make it to classes.
The 11-year-old son of Nancy and Larry Vieira has been in a weaken state from an ongoing battle with cancer.
However, the fifth-grade student at Great Valley School perked up about Friday’s Farm Day. He looked forward to the annual event.
Vieira came away overwhelmed with the section in his honor, “Noah’s Special Pigs,” made possible by Scott Long and his family-owned and -operated Manteca Hog farm.
“I thought it was cool because I’ve never been in a section with pigs,” he said.
According to organizer Jeannie Pacheco, Farm Day offers hands-on experience for the kindergarten- through- eighth-grade students.
This agricultural event has been a staple at the Weston Ranch elementary site for the past six years. Kathy Cambra, who is a member of the Farm Day committee, said Pacheco often begins early in the school year on the planning stages.
Besides the pigs, Farm Day featured the Old West chuck wagon, draft horses and livestock along with various presenters from the surrounding counties.
 Cambra believes that Farm Day is an important part of this agriculturally-rich area.
 “Many of our kids come from the Bay Area and know very little about farming,” she said. “They may only know that their food comes from the super market.”
Farm Day serves as an educational tool, teaching students about the value of agriculture, Pacheco noted.
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