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Toni & Guys offers student salon
Student Hairdresser
A student hair stylist works on a clients hair. - photo by MONICA CANE/ The Bulletin

Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy based in Manteca is well known for producing superior hairstylist through their cosmetology program. 

Their extensive training has gained such a good reputation that hair studios from fashionable cities such as San Francisco are pursuing Toni & Guy students for their salons upon graduation.  

While the reputation of being a quality hairdressing academy is well known, the salon ran by students in training presently open to the public for cuts, styles and coloring is not.

“People see the sign Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy and just drive by to get their hair done elsewhere not realizing we have a student salon,” said Director Fred Rasuli. “People don’t know that they can have the same salon experience here with our student hairstylists, who are under instructor supervision and at a fraction of the cost of a regular salon.”

Because the hairdressers are in training prices are reduced in order for students to gain the hair coloring, cutting and styling experience needed.  Basic haircuts at the student salon begin at $5 for kids and then depending on the need, $8 and up for adults. In addition, every Tuesday is Senior Day where senior citizens receive an additional discount on top of the already low prices for any of the services offered.

People are often leery of going to a student salon especially when it comes to things like getting ones hair colored or highlighted but according to Rasuli, this is where Toni & Guy students truly excel.

 “All of our students are well trained and are qualified to work on the clients. When it comes to good hair coloring it’s all about the product you use,” Rasuli said. “We use TIGI products, which is the second most expensive hair product out there.  TIGI has a professional color line with colors that are so vivid, stay in longer and are just beautiful. When clients come to get their hair colored and receive the same service they would receive in a regular salon at a fraction of the cost, they are ecstatic.”

For anyone who has ever had their hair dyed, whether fuchsia colored highlights or basic colors for simple tint touch ups, they know it’s all chemicals that can easily damage hair.  However, it’s the products you use and what you do in between time that makes the difference between healthy hair and damaged hair.  This knowledge and training is something students at the academy are taught early on and is something they freely share with their clients.

During consultation students and instructors will examine the client’s hair and tell them what they believe needs to be done in order to have the healthiest hair.  Even if it means telling clients to wait a week or so to simply deep condition at home before getting their hair colored at the salon.

 “Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy training is not the typical training,” Rasuli said. “It is an advanced training.  What these students learn by the time they are half way through the program already makes them as good as any of the hair dressers out there.”

It’s this kind of advance training and reputation that assures new clients to the salon that having their hair colored, styled or cut by any of the well-trained students is worth it.  However, if newcomers are still a little leery of the idea of having their hair done at a student salon they may find it reassuring to know that students, staff and stylists of Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy participate annually in a nationwide competition between beauty schools and hair salons and last year, one of the finalists in the national competition came from Manteca.

For more information about Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy call (209) 824.2000, visit Toni & Guy Manteca facebook page or stop by and experience the salon in person at 1019 S. Main Street.