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A solution for water shortage
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Our state wants to build a tunnel around the Delta to send the water to Southern California. When you go down there, they are not having a water shortage. We are, because we are sending our water down there. Now the south state is complaining they are getting too much salt in their water. 

There is a solution that is available right now that will be a positive impact on the environment. There will be good paying long term jobs. The politicians will look real good solving the problem, instead of throwing money at it. 

Our country has seven aircraft carriers docked in Virginia doing nothing, each capable of making 400,000 gallons of fresh water from sea water every 24 hours. Do the math. 400,000 times seven is 2.8 million gallons of fresh water every 24 hours. Bring those carriers here to California, and strategically place them in harbors to make and pipe the water to on shore pumping or storage facilities.

Before they set sail to California, remove everything not needed on the flight deck and hanger bay, and place large plastic water storage containers on the ships. They already make them in French Camp. On the way here fill them with fresh water they make during the trip. Upon arrival they will have an instant fresh water supply to start pumping on shore. Keep them here for five years. 

In the mean time build desalinization plants on shore. When completed we will have a solution to water shortage. To say the technology is not available is a lie. To say it is just not feasible is a lie because we have sent our ships to do the very same thing for other countries. The worst that will happen is we will create jobs as well as clean fresh dependable water. No harm to the environment and less salt intrusion for Central Valley farmers. 

 Why not do something for the environment instead of to the environment?

PG&E will make a ton of money to power these water plants. We do not need a high speed train. We need water. 

In closing I want to quote a line from the great Larry the Cable Guy: “get ‘er done.”


Gary J. Duran