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Developers have the gall to try and cut new home fees
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
You keep talking about the “budget crunch”, across our nation and in this fair city, as people have lost their jobs or had their salaries cut; and yet the local developers have the gall to try to justify the deferment of their fees on new home building!  They use such banal rationale such as if these fees are passed on to the consumer would make homes in Manteca too costly.  This is such a crock!  I can’t believe that you and various other citizens tend to accept this spurious tripe!  

To buy a house it is necessary to have a decent income; the American Dream has always required a job, at least.  As for City Hall, it’s no secret that it was bought and paid-for long ago.  There is no real planning commission here.  There is only the rule of big money.  Same as it has ever been.  They rationalize profit (which is their one and only objective) by instilling fear of falling behind if this city doesn’t build enough houses to ensure an ever widening tax-base.  (I guess the locals are taking their cue from Washington, D.C., as wide-spread corruption seems to be rampant with a well educated fraud sitting in the White House.)  But these are the fees that build new fire stations and pay the salaries of fire and police officers.  And the schools?  Forget it!  The children have nothing but lip-service!  The cutting of teaching positions in an already strained school system is nothing short of abominable!  Can anyone doubt that we’ve been taken for a big fat ride?!  If our erstwhile mayor, Carlon Perry, wants to regain his former office, he had better let it be known that he will draw the line with these selfish developers.  Let the haves (those that can afford a new home) pay for police, fire, schools and teachers.  
 Steven J. Catalano
Feb. 28, 2010