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Irresponsible not to build Raymus Expressway
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Over the decades I have had many discussions with county residents residing at the edge of our community who have expressed the same concerns as Dee Wackerly noted in her recent letter. So, I understand Dee’s feelings regarding the impending loss of a rural neighborhood due to the ever-encroaching urban growth.
Dee, I am fully aware of this project and many others planned for our rural and urban community; based on our proximity, aren’t we all one community. I have lived in this community for over 60 years, and have over 40 years of land use planning experience, of which 34 years was with the Manteca city planning department. I remember when Woodward Avenue and Fig Avenue were country roads with occasional cars or a farm tractor, and Woodward Avenue was a long mile south of town. I understand the feeling, for every time I come over the Altamont in the evening I see the spreading wave of lights throughout our region and remember when the lights were small concentrations where our communities are located. 
However, as I noted in my letter regarding the planned Raymus Expressway, it would be irresponsible if the city did not “plan” and did not implement long-term planning responses to impacts that will result from the natural urban growth of this community. Life experience tells us there will be lots of traffic south of Manteca; so the problem needs to be addressed today, not twenty years from now when all the streets are in place and the massive congestion is upsetting us all.
I can remember when it took over an hour on Highway 120 to travel from Airport Way to Austin Road (only four miles) because the traffic moved at a snail’s pace through town. Do we really want to live that experience once again. I say not. The Raymus Expressway, whether we like it or not, is a necessary response to the traffic that will be generated by new home growth south of town.
While I concur with Dee, I also understand there is no stopping the outward expansion of any community, so we are left with planning today for the best transition tomorrow.
Benjamin Cantu