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Remember, Democrats not GOP control Congress
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In response to Larry Baca’s letter hailing the success of the “Cash for Clunkers” program by the Democrats,  I think “Cash for Clunkers” should be the slogan for Democrat fundraisers because people are all fed up with no hope and little change the Obama and Democrats are bringing to America.

“Hope and Change” is what the people wanted when people voted for Obama. He had the opportunity to be one of the most historic presidents the U.S. in history with the opportunity to fix the fiscal crisis.   Instead he turned a severe recession into what will inevitably be a severe depression.  (See ) His promise to pass nearly a trillion in stimulus money to prevent 10% unemployment has turned out to be a lie.  Unemployment is at 10% and with the underemployed, it is at 17-18%.  As a million census workers are hired, unemployment may dip; but will continue to be a burden on the America people and eventually go above the 10% to nearly 12% by the end of summer.  

Obama talks about cutting spending after he raised the national debt to over $12.3 trillion and now Obama just offered $200 million to pay for the security in cities hosting trials of accused terrorists such as the 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  This is after we have had 300 bank closures since December 31, 2008.  But Obama can blame everyone else, even the Supreme Court for his ineffectiveness.   He has been one president who has had no resistance from the Republican Party since he has a Democrat majority in both houses of congress.  He has even been able to bribe those within his party to accept paybacks through back room deals without the transparency he promised during the campaign. He has been able to deceive the American people with deception, lies, fraud and bribes. (See ) I guess CSPAN was not available to offer coverage on all the back room deals?  Didn’t Obama, himself, state he was going to make everything available for the people to see?  Maybe he also forgot the 14,000 times that he was not going to sign any bill with pork (payback) attachments or the lobbyists that he said were not going to be part of his administrative staff.

When documentaries are made down the road, the mainstream media will have no choice but to offer a very sad story of campaign speeches with tears and fainting women to three years later of bread lines, tent cities and families on the streets. Then the spin of the Democrats will be to vote for them since the government is the only thing that can save the people.  What we have faced and what is to come is the type of Hope and Change people really did not expect; but then again, maybe Obama and the Democrats can pass along blame to everyone else, just not themselves.
 Frank Aquila
President of the South
San Joaquin Republicans