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Manteca Tea Party
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I am amazed that the City leaders are even thinking about raising our taxes again this year.  Yes, the “UTILITY TAX” is in the works again.  This tax is needed to balance our budget from what I have heard.  Now I must tell you that after reading the listing of all the City workers pay in last week’s Sun Post I can see why they want more money.  

We are paying out an incredible amount of money for salaries.  Some of our City workers are making almost $200,000 per year.  That is BIG money!  It is over $500 per day.  Do the math.  Some of them get $160,000 per year.  Figure 52 weeks in a year and that equals $3,077 a week divided by 5 days a week and that equals over $600 per day or if you break that down to hourly pay that equals $77 per hour.  To me, a little ol Realtor, that is a ton of money.  Now if they want more money for our City workers they think they will have to tax us citizens a UTILITY TAX to get it.  No Way!  I see a total revolt coming.  Some of our City Workers aren’t making that much but a number of them are making that much or more.  Look at our new City Manager.  He makes over $175,000 according to the article.  No wonder he wanted the job.  We pay out millions of dollars for our government right here in Manteca.  Isn’t that amazing???

Now I do think they will have to get our approval to tax us with this highly exorbitant tax.  In the past the leaders have not been against hiring an outside firm to convince us that this is a good thing for us.  I double dog dare you to try it.  If we let this happen, then we didn’t learn a thing from the Boston Tea Party.  I hope you are mad as hell about this like me and not willing to let it happen without a fight.  Call me at 209 607-6651 and let’s not let this happen.

Speaking of spending money, how about those curbs and gutters I have been harping about for years now? There are still plenty of streets that don’t have sidewalks on them, forcing pedestrians to walk in the streets with traffic roaring by.  Maybe we could convince our highly paid traffic people to give us some consideration and get sidewalks on every street.  I  know, I know, it all costs money and leaders ask where it is coming from.  Hummmmm, how about getting some from our multimillion-dollar wage and salary fund.  I just don’t see how our leaders can grumble about no money when we have a payroll that is so high.  How the heck did it get this high?

I do want to report on a couple of movies Karen and I went to lately. First we went to “Inkheart’ which was a fantasy about a book coming true.  Karen liked it but I only gave it a rating of 5 out of 10.  Too fake for me.  Then last week we went to “Hotel for Dogs”.  Funny movie but too lighthearted for us.  Not a very deep movie with no redeeming themes.  Story line was cheesy and it rated low for both of us.  She gave it a 7 and I gave it a 6.  Save your money.  Maybe this week will be better.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I am just so appalled at the amount of wages we pay everyone at the city.  If I were 30 years younger I think I would try for a job with the city.  Good pay, good benefits and a killer retirement plan.  I think some of them make over 90% of what they made working.  Such a deal.   Our new president only makes a little over $250,000 per year.  We almost rival that.

Go ahead; try to convince us that we need a franchise tax.  Like I said… I dare you.

You keep reading and I’ll keep writing.  Come and visit Karen and me this Sunday at Crossroads Grace Community Church.  We sit in the front row.  You wouldn’t believe the message last week with the “Green Men” skit and music.  It was awesome.  See ya there at 10:45 Sunday morning.