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Ripon trustees thank bond oversight board
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Trustees of the Ripon Unified School District received special appreciation from the Measure G Citizen’s Oversight Committee in moving forward with the Colony Oak Elementary School project.

“Your commitment to Colony Oak despite rising cost and other difficulties is a service to the community,” said chairman Tim Hern, speaking on behalf of the group at the Oct. 9 meeting.

That was part of the bond oversight committee’s 2017 annual report.

The report confirmed that the group has met the financial responsibilities of due diligence regarding the review of expenditure of bond proceeds and that Measure G bonds were expended in accordance to the measure’s language and intent.

The renovation at Weston Elementary School was also part of Measure G.

As for Colony Oak, the school, once completed, will be about 29,000 square feet of permanent classrooms equipped with modern electrical and data systems, supporting the technology infrastructure as the school at 22241 S. Murphy Road transitions to a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) campus.

Groundbreaking took place about a month ago.

Colony Oak will also have new restroom facilities along with an estimated 32,000 square feet of expansion to the south parking lot to further the traffic circulation.

New outdoor improvements including shade structures, eating and assembly spaces and playgrounds are included in the plans.

In addition, the existing fresh water well / pump / storage tank and waste water septic / leach field will be demolished and replaced with new water systems with new capacities and current codes.

While the project was budgeted at $8.8 million, the district has reserved the right to construct the project in phases based on the availability of any additional funding.

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