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FISHING REPORT: Securing boat launch pass now a priority
fishing report

With the new year approaching there are a few things that I plan on purchasing.
At the top of my list is an annual boat launch pass. I’ve purchased an annual pass before and it made everything so much easier. It was a little tricky finding out where to purchase the pass but well worth it — especially on those early-morning trips in the middle of summer.
There was several days this past year when I kicked myself in the rear for paying $15 at the launch ramp for a half day of fishing. There were also several days when I had the urge to go fishing mid-day but couldn’t justify paying full price at the launch ramp.
Security is also a big issue for me. I could always launch somewhere else for less but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take anymore. So aside from a fishing license, purchasing my annual boat launch pass will be my first purchase of the new year.

Delta Report
Striped bass fishing continues to be good. A lot of anglers using live bait are using live bluegill caught around the many Delta docks. I prefer using a No. 2 bait hook when drifting bluegill and hook them through the bottom lip and out through the nose area.
Make sure that once bit to let the striper run a bit as they must swallow bluegill head first. Anglers are also doing well while fishing with jumbo minnows and mudsuckers. Anglers fishing with lures are doing well while fishing with S Wavers around current.
Largemouth bass fishing has slowed with very few big fish being caught. Anglers using jigs are having the most consistent bites while flipping and pitching.

New Melones Lake
Trout fishing is really good. Anglers fishing off the bank are catching fish while fishing with Power Bait. Anglers trolling are doing well while trolling from the surface down to 15 feet deep.
Bass fishing has slowed some for a lot of anglers as the water temperatures continue to drop. Schools of bass can be found as deep as 40 feet. During select times of the day bass can be caught off main lake points while using rip baits. 

Lake Don Pedro
Trout fishing is picking up, anglers fishing for trout are finding them while long lining shad-patterned spoons just below the surface. 
Bass anglers are finding bass holding deep. Many are dragging drop-shotted worms and other small plastics through groups of fish that their finding with their depth finders. For larger bass, anglers are tossing trout imitating swim baits. 

Lake Amador
Trout fishing has taken over on the lake. Weekly plants continue to keep the lake stocked with nice-sized Mt. Lassen Trout. The baits of choice seem to be power bait, mice tails, and night crawlers.
Anglers fishing with lures are having luck while using Kastmasters and Rooster Tails. Anglers trolling are doing best while trolling broken back Rapalas from the surface down to 30 feet deep. Those fishing off the bank are focusing on the Dam, Spillway, and Boat House dock areas.

Lake Camanche
Trout fishing is good on the lake. Anglers trolling are trolling from just below the surface down to 20 feet deep with speedy shiner. Anglers fishing off the bank are fishing the North Shore area. There have been recent plans of Mt. Lassen Trout at both boat ramps and in the pond.
Bass fishing has slowed down but anglers are still able to catch them while tossing umbrella rigs, dragging jigs, or drop shotting. 

Tip of the Week
Ever since I had a trailer bearing fail on me, I’ve made checking my trailers bearings and hubs a habit of mine. Recently, while replacing all the bearings and races on my current trailer, I realized that for the same price of all the parts needed for the job, I could have just gone out and purchased new hubs.
There are places online that sell the complete hub with the seals and bearings installed for the same price or less. Next year for sure, I plan on swapping everything out.
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