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FISHING REPORT: Thrills of buying a boat and selling it
fishing report

I recently read something written by another angler that stated, “The day you buy your boat and the day you sell it are two of the greatest days of being a boat owner.”
I can’t agree more. Boat ownership can be stressful at times. Even when it’s sitting out of water, it must be taken care of.
There are many times over the years that I’ve woken up at night wondering whether I turned off a switch or covered the boat properly. Buying a new boat, on the other hand, is as or more exciting as buying a new car or truck. A lot like when I was a kid and I got a new toy that I had wanted for a long time.
Of course, the newness wears off and the joys of being a boat owner start all over until you decide to sell it.
My recent search for a new boat has intensified. As the season is coming to an end, there are a lot of good deals from boat owners who are trying to offload a boat that they may not want to take care of through the offseason.
I’m torn between building something into the boat I want, buying new or buying used. This weekend I’ll be fishing a tournament where first place wins a brand-new boat. Of course, if I win the tournament the decision will be made for me.   

Delta Report 
There are a lot of smaller largemouth bass being caught on reaction baits. The best time is an hour before and an hour after the drops from high to low. Flipping is spotty, and the frog bite is fair to good.
Schools of smaller striped bass are actively working their way through the system. There’s a lot of surface action in the Whites/Disappointment Slough areas. The current water temperature is right around 68 degrees, as it drops even more the bigger fish should be easier to find.
The Rio Vista Bass Derby and Festival is only a few weeks away with the 71st Annual Event taking place Oct. 12-14. Information on the derby is available at

New Melones Lake
Trout fishing is good. Anglers trolling are finding them between 30 and 80 feet deep. Fish are being caught on Apex, Needlefish, and Excel lures. Night fishing remains good for trout anglers as they are fishing under submersible lights with power bait and night crawlers between 10 to 20 feet deep.
Bass fishing has slowed a bit as anglers are still catching smaller fish with small plastics off the bottom. Reaction baits such as rattle traps, spinnerbaits, and Zara Spooks are working as well when there’s a little breeze on the lake or in the early-morning hours. 

Lake Camanche
As the water starts to cool, trout are being found a little shallower during the day than normal. Anglers are trolling between 30 and 40 feet deep with Excel lures for trout up to four pounds. Bass fishing continues to be steady with a lot of smaller fish being caught while dragging small plastic worms.
Lake Don Pedro
Trout fishing is excellent for anglers trolling Middle Bay between 50 and 70 feet deep. The best baits are Excels, Kastmasters, and Triple Teasers.
Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing drop shotted worms throughout the lake. The numbers are good but there is very little size to report. 

Lake Pardee
Anglers trolling for trout are doing good while trolling speedy shiners between 30 and 50 feet deep. Anglers are also doing well while fishing off the bank with power bait for trout.
This year, the lake received near record plants of trout. As the weather cools a lot of those trout are going to be making their way towards the surface. Bass fishing is fair for anglers finding schools of bait. Drop shots and jigs seems to be the bait of choice for anglers fishing around main lake points and islands.

Product Review
One of my most recent purchases has been the Plano Duffle Bag. I’ve been searching for a bag that I can take out with me on a boat for awhile now and think I’ve finally found the right one.
It’s got great storage and is built tough. Unlike my previous bag, this one holds everything I need for my upcoming trip including all my tackle, tools, hats, and gloves.

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