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Free workshop on energy savings, rebates in Ripon
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RIPON — Homeowners in San Joaquin are invited to attend a free workshop on Tuesday, Jan.24, to learn about Energy Upgrade California, the new statewide program that helps homeowners save money, reduce energy use and creates local jobs.

The event will provide homeowners with information about how to access rebates of up to $4,000. 

Homeowners will leave the workshop with a firm understanding of how to:

• Lower their utilities bill and reduce energy use

• Increase home comfort and indoor air quality

• Get started on a home energy upgrade today

It takes place on Jan. 24 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Ripon Branch Library, 333 West Main St.

Energy Upgrade California is helping thousands of homeowners across the state, while creating “green jobs” for contractors in their local communities.  The program delivers technical assistance, tools and training to contractors and rebates to homeowners – providing incentives to speed the implementation of home energy efficiency.  After a home energy upgrade, families are not only more comfortable, they also realize substantial monthly savings on their home energy bills.

 Colin Clark, Senior Program Manager at Energy Upgrade California said, “The before and after results of upgrades are often impressive, with homeowners reducing their energy consumption by 10 to 50%. Most homes have gaps and cracks in the ceilings, walls and ducts. When added together, those gaps and cracks are equivalent to having a hole in the house the size of a hula hoop.” 


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