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Oak Park playground is an oldie but goodie
pic victory-park-2-LT
Victory Park playground in Stockton was updated in 2002 but yet continues to be a favorite among children. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

For those who grew up in Stockton, Victory Park had arguably one of the best playgrounds.

Why? Perhaps it was the metal rocket ship that towered over 20 feet with a slide at the half-way point. “And if you kept on climbing up you sit in the top of the rocket,” said Eric, who reminisced about his youth on Yelp.

He added: “For a little kid, it was amazing.”

The rocket ship is long gone, along with the American Indian totem pole named Tagcook.

“I miss the old play equipment and the totem pole,” said Lauren, who also grew up in Stockton.

Victory Park, however, is still a jewel in the City of Stockton.

The old playground was removed in 2002, replaced by new slides, swings and climbing apparatus. Included was a play area for toddlers.

Cost for the project came at the tune of $167,000 made possible by voter-approved Prop 12 in 2000.

Picnic tables, park benches and shade trees provide cozy spots for parents to keep an eye on their children playing on the drastically smaller equipment made of plastic and other safe material.

The covering is shredded wood pulp found in many of today’s playgrounds.

Victory Park is located at 1101 N. Pershing Ave. Stockton.

Oak Park

Oak Park has the steel-framed monkey bars and slides enjoyed by several generations of children while shaded by the towering oak trees.

The surface is still the good-old fashioned sand.

Children continue to enjoy exploring, climbing, jumping and swinging on the equipment here.

“Still one of the best places for families to gather,” said Maureen of Stockton.

She also enjoyed having parties, picnics, cooking out, and just relaxing under the shaded tree.

The Oak Park playground is located on North Sutter Street near East Alpine Avenue.

Fritz Grupe Park

Grupe Park is still a favorite among the locals.

“It’s safe, quiet, and has a great playground,” said Cindy of Stockton.

She based that on her daughter enjoying the huge variety of monkey bars. “We frequent this park often. All of the children and parents are always friendly,” she added.

One disadvantage is the restrooms being quite a distance from the playground. No matter. “It’s still a small price to pay for an amazing park,” Cindy said.

Grupe Park playground is located on Cumberland Place near Meade Drive.