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Nutcher Milk Company offers freshness in a bottle
Nutcher Milk Company made its first appearance at the Turlock Certified Farmers Market last week. According to Rick Nutcher, the milk booth proved to be a popular destination throughout the day. - photo by ALYSSON AREDAS



Although Nutcher Milk Company only made its first appearance at the Turlock Certified Farmers Market last week, Rick Nutcher reported that his family’s idea to build their own creamery and bottle their own milk was years in the making. 

“We were trying to find a way to make the dairy industry more sustainable and we wanted to make milk taste better,” said Nutcher. 

Nutcher revealed that instead of milk that waits “hours and hours” before it is processed and bottled, his family built a creamery right next to their milk farm—allowing them to expedite the process, while also enhancing the freshness of the finished product. 

“We produce the milk that the cow intended it to be like,” said Nutcher. “The glass bottle is the key to making it taste better. You don’t get any after taste like with the plastic milk containers.” 

In addition to regular milk, Nutcher Milk Company offers chocolate, strawberry, orange cream, and root beer flavored milk, which Nutcher describes tastes like “the bottom of a root beer float.” The creamery also has plans to incorporate a number of seasonal flavors. 

“People are really getting into the farm-to-table movement and they want to know where their food comes from,” said Nutcher. “We are a very transparent company. We’re family owned and the community is going to see how we grow and how we develop.”

Consumers can get “Stanislaus County’s freshest bottle of milk” in half gallons, quarts, or pints at the TCFM, Village Fresh Market in Turlock, Pioneer Supermarket Waterford, and the Denair Food Center in Denair. Nutcher reported that he hopes to expand to different outlets in the near future. 

Nutcher Milk Company is located at 5213 W. Grayson Road. For more information on Nutcher Milk Company, visit