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Army veteran searching for his therapy cat
Cat lost
This lost therapy cat is nowhere to be found. It is believed to have disappeared into a large vacant lot north of Sierra High School in the area of Fishback and Yosemite Avenue. - photo by Photo Contributed

The Armstrong family is leaving their heart behind in a move this week to Missouri after their prized, gray therapy cat got out of the house and ran off.

Ellen and Mike Armstrong along with their three kids, Joe, 17, Emily 15 and Brenna 3 have been scouring the surrounding neighborhoods for two weeks since the cat disappeared.  It went missing August 15 when they were vacationing in Oregon.

They focused on an area near Yosemite and Fishback Road in the vicinity of Sierra High School in their search adding that it could be anywhere at this point.

Mike Armstrong is a 37-year veteran of the U.S. Army and had been serving most recently in Afghanistan when he suffered a tragic brain incident, according to his wife.  They had found the feral cat in a Modesto park at two weeks old and raised it to adulthood.  The cat became Mike’s constant companion and would be with him day and night – never being allowed to roam outside.

The family made a last ditch effort Tuesday morning to visit the Manteca Animal Control Department hoping to find their cat, but to no avail.  The family is offering a reward.