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1/3 of owner occupied homes built since 1990
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The first decade of this century was a banner time for owner-occupied single family home construction.

Despite the housing crisis triggered by the mortgage meltdown a third of all existing single family homes in Manteca where the owners reside in them were built from 2000 to 2009.

To put that in perspective Manteca saw 4,309 such homes built or almost the equivalent of the entire housing stock in Ripon during just a 10-year period.

The age of Manteca’s homes is included in a state-required housing element update being reviewed by the Manteca Planning Commission on Tuesday. The commission meets at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

While 33 percent of all owner-occupied existing homes in Manteca were built during the last decade, 49 percent of all homes or 6,853 homes were constructed since 1990 based on a housing survey conducted in 2013. That is a higher percent than San Joaquin County where 41.8 percent of all owner occupied homes have been built since 1990 as well as for California as a whole with 25.4 percent of all owner occupied homes constructed since 1990.

It is a different story for Manteca single family home rentals.  Some 45.6 percent of rentals — or 4,181 homes — were built before 1979. By contrast 56.2 of all rental homes in San Joaquin were built before 1979 and 64.1 percent in California.

The median year of all homes built in Manteca is 1983 while it is 1977 for San Joaquin County and 1973 for California.

The 2013 survey showed that 42 homes in Manteca lacked complete plumbing facilities as opposed to 375 in the entire county and 41,383 statewide. There were 226 homes in Manteca lacking complete kitchen facilities. The number for San Joaquin County is 2,195 and for California it is 129,060.