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Manteca residents go solar in big way
Schools such as Sequoia arent the only ones that have gone solar in Manteca. - photo by HIME ROMERO

What’s the hottest home construction trend in Manteca today? It’s solar power.

The City of Manteca issued 29 permits for residential systems in April for a combined value of $550,000. At the start of May, there were 77 pending permits for solar systems for homes valued at $1.4 million.

To put that in perspective the city issued 53 permits for new single family homes in Manteca during April.

And while there were 29 solar permits issued in April, there were just 14 swimming pool or space permits for work valued at $477,000.

Ten years ago it wasn’t unusual for the city to issue 40 to 50 swimming pool permits each month in the spring and summer while rarely was there a solar permit issued.

• • •

Press ‘1’ for homeless . . .

Call the Manteca City Clerk/City Council at 456.8017 and you’ll get a recording that might startle you.

It instructs you to press one if you are calling in regarding to new ordinances involving the homeless or homeless issues and press two if it is for any other topic.

Calls spiked into the hundreds a week from across the nation when a website supposedly concerned with social justice but simply wants to generate web traffic from a targeted age group of 18 to 30 vilified Manteca’s efforts to deal with homeless concerns with postings that misconstrued what the city was doing.

The call volume got so high, the city went to the message system to direct calls.

The question now is whether that is needed and what impression does it leave for a perspective employer or someone interested in investing in or moving to Manteca calls the city clerk/city council seeking information.

If they’re homeless obviously it shows they are a priority at city hall as they’ve got their own message box.