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Political hit piece aimed at Manteca councilman along with wife
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Richard and Linda Silverman had a bit of a surprise this past week.
The Manteca couple was the target of a political hit piece being distributed via door hangers.
The two are current members of the San Joaquin County Republican Central Committee and are among nine candidates seeking four seats from the Fifth District that consists of Manteca south of Yosmeite Avenue, Tracy, and Mountain House.
The door hanger —promoting the candidacy of Monica Dias, Brad Dias, Alma Morley, and John Morley — warns Republicans not to vote for anyone else running because “the candidates in the fancy ad mailers answer to the Silicon Valley tech tycoons who are trying to take over County GOPs throughout our entire state to benefit their moneyed special interests. Vote for We the People candidates listed her instead. They are regular people.”
There’s just a couple of problems with that. First, the Silvermans already serve on the central committee. Second, they know no tycoons. Richard retired as an IT manager for a phone company and Linda worked as an account manager for Lesher Communications. Richard now works as a tax preparer and serves on the Manteca City Council while Linda is a businesswomen.
It should be noted Monica Dias and John Morley currently serve under Linda Silverman who is chair of the fifth distruct
And perhaps the most incredible assumption of all is the call to arms to beat back Silicon Valley tycoons from taking over the Republican Party given that almost every last person that fits the description of being a Silicon Valley tycoon are Democrats.
The door hanger fails to list who paid for it as California election law requires. On the other hand, the mailer sent out on behalf of the Silvermans along with George Riddle and Mary Park that is simply a piece promoting them and not attacking anyone else lists who paid for the printing and distribution.
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