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U-turn on horizon for Daniels at Fishback
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A major irritant for Fishback Road residents — customers from the nearby McDonald’s at Airport Way and Daniels Street going down their street — will be addressed when an empty field  north of Daniels Street is eventually developed into commercial uses.
The property owner has agreed to widen Daniels Street to allow U-turns at Fishback when his land is developed.
Ideally, customers at McDonalds’ — and the Taco Bell now under construction as well as the proposed Sizzler Restaurant — would use the access road that toes into the traffic signal at Fishback and Daniels that was put in for that exact propose back when a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store was going through the approval process before the firm pulled out due to the onset of the Great Recession.
Instead, many turn right out onto Daniels since a median blocks their ability to turn left. The road isn’t wide enough at the Daniels-Fishback signal to accommodate U-turns. That puts them on Fishback that has its own median requiring them to turn into neighborhood streets and make U-turns there.
The fact the U-turn will eventually be allowed is the good news for residents in  the area. The bad news is that there will be more commercial development that means more traffic in order to make it happen.

Let there be more
light near MHS
Manteca Mayor Steve DeBrum — responding to comments from citizens attending this year’s downtown twilight Christmas parade — agrees that it is a tad too dark in the 400 and 500 blocks of East Yosemite Avenue near Manteca High.
He asked staff to look into the concerns and suggest a possible course of action.
If they believe there is a lighting deficiency it could only be remedied by additional street lights.
Should that happen it begs a question: Should the city ultimately extend the Tidewater-style motif for street lighting in the central district? That was the plan more than a decade ago when the current turn of the 20th century street lights and traffic signals were put in place along Yosemite Avenue and Maple Avenue.
Of course, such a requirement could be considered as part of the downtown blueprint that has been more than 30 years in the making. The mayor has vowed to make coming up with a game plan for downtown and fining  way to execute it as a top priority for 2016.

Homeless creating
safety issues
A north Manteca resident on Tuesday told the City Council of aggressive homeless individual that have been harassing a friend of hers after that friend asked him not set up makeshift sleeping areas near her home by the Tidewater Bikeway.
Other residents whose homes back up to the Tidewater have made similar complaints.
Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Fant said Thursday when asked about the situation by another resident during a talk at the Manteca Rotary meeting that crews do trim away growth that creates hiding places along the bike trail but that they are backlogged  due to reduced staffing.
The city also secured the help of court-ordered work details when they can. Also church groups in town have stepped up to fill the void as well.
As for any homeless — or anyone else for that matter —  harassing residents whose homes back up to the Tidewater, police said they should call them as that is not acceptable.
It is illegal for anyone to set up camp in a city park.