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Manteca farmers market returns on June 1
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Manteca’s downtown certified farmers market returns to Library Park on June 1.

The market staged by the Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau takes  place Tuesdays through the end of August from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Some of the fresh producers are: Depalma Farms selling peaches, nectarines, nuts, olives, plums, corn and more; Yang Farms selling strawberries; Fisher Farms selling apricots, pluots, plums, apples, pears, grapes, peaches, and tomatoes: M & L Campuzano Farms selling tomatoes, beans, squash, chilies, melons, onions and more; Four K Farms selling natural and flavored almonds and walnuts, fruit spreads, fruit butters and almond butter, almond flour, dried fruit, English cucumbers, and tomatoes; Chinchiolo Farms selling apples, cherries, pluots, peaches, and nectarines; plus M & L Campuzano farms will have fresh produce as well.

Among the food vendors are Di Venci’s Deli providing fresh pasta; Andersons 209 serving hot dogs, chips, and Icee(s); and Mac Doogles selling kettlekorn.

The local entertainment for the first market will be the Park Avenue Jam Band.

Themes for 2010 include: Kids Day, Senior Citizens Appreciation Night, First Responders Night, Fiesta Night, Shred-it day, American Graffiti Night and more.

Other vendors are offering hats, clothing, jewelry, dried fruits, fresh bakery foods, sports memorabilia, real estate, financial services, beauty tips and supplies, animal shelter pets, police department’s Megans Law database, newspapers, automobile accessories, animal supplies and treats, toys, scrapbooking, photography, kids fun and games, more.

For more information on the farmers market call the Manteca CVB at 823-7229.