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Cops: Man high on drugs flees ambulance, shot by homeowner
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A 27-year-old man was shot and killed by a Florida homeowner after running into a police station and complaining about taking bad drugs, then jumping from an ambulance and trying to break into homes, according to police.

It began early Wednesday in Havana about 17 miles north of Tallahassee when Jarod Clemons jumped from his girlfriend’s car and ran down the street, said Havana Police Chief Tracy Smith. Clemons banged on a woman’s door and yelled that police were after him, but she refused to open up. Police later found a stolen gun he left on her steps.

Clemons then ran to the police station and began stripping off his clothes. He was sweating heavily and complaining that his heart hurt. He said he had taken some bad molly, a nickname for MDMA, a synthetic drug similar to ecstasy, Smith said.

Smith said Clemons just freaked out while on the drug.

“That’s signs of molly — paranoia profusely sweating, you feel like you’re having a heart attack,” Smith said.

Clemons wasn’t arrested at the Havana police station. Instead, the department called for an ambulance to take him to a hospital in Tallahassee, and Clemons was hooked to an IV.

However, while the ambulance was driving through the capital city just after midnight, Clemons demanded to be released. The driver stopped and a medic struggled to keep Clemons in the vehicle, but he broke free opened the back doors and ran, Tallahassee police said in a press release.

Soon, Tallahassee police began getting calls about a man trying to break into homes. An officer arrived and Clemons was dead at the scene after being shot by a homeowner.

The Tallahassee department was continuing to investigate and hasn’t charged anyone.