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Ripon leaders ponder water conservation
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California is currently going through a drought.

That’s despite the recent wet weather.

At Tuesday’s Ripon City Council, Public Works Director Ted Johnston is scheduled to talk to elected leaders about the possibility of implementing water conversation measures.

If the Council agrees, he’ll direct his staff to prepare guidelines for such measures.

This action is based on Gov. Jerry Brown asking residents of the state to reduce water consumption by 20 percent.

“At this time, the main concern statewide is the lack of surface water from lakes and reservoirs that are fed by rain and melting snow pack,” Johnston said in his report. “Communities who rely on surface water as their main water source are affected at this time.”

The water for the City of Ripon, he noted, is supplied by ground water. The water levels from the wells have not been affected by the drought.

“However, this can change over time if the drought continues,” warns Johnston.

He and his staff will recommend that Council consider implementing some basic water conservation measures during the 7 p.m. open session in Ripon City Hall Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave.

“After surveying surrounding communities, we have found the most common water conservation measures taken by other cities are limited days of the week residents can water,” said Johnston.

In this case, he indicated that residents with an even address could only water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Those with odd number addresses could go on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Watering of any kind, under the plan, would be prohibited on Mondays.

“Most cities impose fines after the first warning,” Johnston said.

Measures could also include restricting the use of hoses without hand-held triggering shut-off devices used for washing cars, driveways and sidewalks, he added.

For more information, call Ripon City Hall at (209) 599-2108 or log on to